The grandeur of the Veda mantras is heightened and the fullest benefit received when we chant or recite loudly without a change in any word or no unauthorised upward or downward drift in the note. The main object of reciting them is to make no mistakes in the original meaning and sound pattern of the words, intonation, pronunciation, accent and sound combination. Murajapam which is a continuous and synchronised chanting of vedamantras by repeating the words in manifold ways in a correct tally to ensure its purity. Chanting of the Veda mantras repeatedly to create necessary vibrations again and again resulting in the well-being of not only one’s own self but also the general well being of the world (through the power so created)

Mura homam. The performance of Homa with continuous chanting of the Veda mantras to promote all round good health and prosperity with a feeling of harmonious well being for the entire society.

Kashyapa Veda research has been conducting Murajapam for the past seven years in the Malayalam month of karkidda and in the year 2018 Mura homam was also performed .This year also murajapam and murahomam are being conducted starting from 22nd to 28th of July, 2019 at Veda Maha Mandir, ottathengu, kakkodi.

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