The chanting of all the Vedas from beginning to end has been prevalent all over Bharath aeons ago. Vedas, the repositories of knowledge is recited in such a manner so as to preserve and protect them.The Keraleeya style of chanting veda mantras is called Murajapam. This style of chanting the VEDA mantras was given much importance ages back and was performed in Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple,Trivandrum and many other temples in Kerala.

To be part of Murajapam is considered to be very sacred. You will develop a sense of total acceptance of this universal creation and acknowledge the power of God. Your whole being is rekindled and enlivened and there is an infinite joy when we whole heartedly and with concentration participate in Murajapam.


Mura homam will be performed in accordance to the mantras that are chanted during Murajapam.


Lord Krishna extols the virtues and the greatness of jnana yajna in Bhagavdgita. It is an important conjunction in Veda Sapthaham.

In jnana yajna the meanings and importance of the mantras chanted are explained in a very simple manner. Jnana Yajnam is performed by Acharyasri Rajesh.

‘‘So let us drown in the mesmerising and erudite eloquence of

acharyasri !

Let goddess Saraswati,the goddess of learning usher in us a divine state of equilibrium and a sense of well being.’’

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